I only have a few minutes before I have to go catch a bus, but because I meant to blog this weekend, I had better scribble something.

I had a productive weekend at the mall. Yes, the mall. I actually went shopping. You’d think that the female gene would make me prone to mall madness, but after having worked in one for so long, I really don’t get the shopping bug the way I used to. That, and the budget’s been tight. Anyhow, this month I had a little extra, so I bought some much needed items, such as work shoes! Granted they’re not a perfect fit, but then the only shoes I seem to find that are perfect are sandles or runners. Found out that my left foot is actually smaller than my right be a whole half-size, but that it’s wider, hence the reason I can never find proper shoes! Also bought pants and a suit jacket! Yes, PANTS!!

So. That was a great accomplishment.

And now I have to drag the butt to work. /cry

listening to: Rickmix 15 (linked under R. Gonzalez to the left