Give the woman a break already!

Seriously, she’s got some real crap to deal with and she’s got stupid ass paparazzi following her around everywhere, even to the freaking gas station in the middle of the night.

She’s probably embarassed that her first marriage turned out to be a huge mistake. when you realise you’ve made a fool of yourself in the public eye by marrying someone everyone else could see was a total ass, you kind of want to have some time to sort that out, or alternately, do something that wipes that shame out of your consiousness for a while. Spears went and partied. Everyone self-medicates in one manner or another, it’s just too bad that Ms. Spears decided that hanging with Hilton and forgetting her panties was a good option. But she’s in a bad head-space. If the head-shaving incident isn’t a gigantic cry for help, then I don’t know what is. I hope she gets it. Really I do. White trash pop star fame aside, she is human being and a mother and it’s time she had a moment to step back, clear her head and get her priorities straight and she really can’t do that with cameras shoved in her face 24-7.