I hear and see some really weird stuff while at work, and get asked some pretty funny questions in the bargain. For example, I may already have mentioned the woman who wanted to know where the tunnel was from the Island to Vancouver and when we told here there wasn’t one she was so insistent, and even got to the point of hysterics that Lady J and I looked at each other and said “there isn’t, is there?” We ended up giving her directions to the ferry terminal, but to this day we can’t figure out quite how she imagined she’d been in one.

Yesterday I overheard a woman talking to another while waiting in line: “I don’t know if he was gay or just European!” she said. Heh….

And then there was the one who asked me where she could get totem pole seeds.

You don’t believe me, do you?

Last week though, I had a really good lesson on why you should always wash your hands after handling money. I mean, that should be a no brainer, but how many of you actually do it? I had a customer lick her money before she gave it to me. Not, lick-your-thumb-before-counting-it, I mean full on tongue-to-paper lick the freaking bill. And then she counted it and put it into the tray for me, wet end first. I seriously had to struggle not to make a face as I poked it about so I could pick up the non-soggy bit and count it myself. I tell you I washed my hands a few times after that! Oh and I gave those bills out to my next customer. *evil grin*