Ok, so I’ve not posted in eons, but that doesn’t mean I’m dead. Contrary to the way I feel at the moment anyway. Had some really hot days last week. Wed apparently was a record breaker at 36C. Despite my best efforts at keeping cool I managed to get heat stroke. (This should really not be a huge surprise, since I’ve never done heat all that well. 25C is enough to make me turn into a cranky 4-year-old until someone throws me into a lake, river or ocean.) Slept like a rock last night tho and I’m starting to feel slightly more human. (and yes, I am human… least so far as I last checked =P)

In other news: not much.

Had a lovely visit with Lindsie last week. We spent most of it puttering in book and paper product stores. She also gave me the latest instalments of Tiny String which I enjoy immensely.

I’ve got to get myself back in a writing frame of mind. I’ve let myself go these last two months. In fact I’ve even stopped taking my notebook everywhere in my purse. So. I’m going to get myself back into the habit of doing something every day. I need to finish a few projects and I’m feeling rusty. Silly me!

eating: salad
reading: Æstival Tide – Elizabeth Hand
listening to: J raiding Heroic Mana-tombs with Kadago & Gang, also traffic