“If people were actually governed by what we erroneously call ‘common sense’ the world would be a much more reasonable place.” ~August 8, 2007

Friday night, I’ve just come home from work and J and I are preparing to sit down and play a little WoW after dinner when I start hearing this ‘thump, thump, thump’ echoing through the building. Thinking first, that since the laundry rooms are no longer kept locked, someone is attempting to break into the coin cache, and that since there is no live-in manager, I zip out into the hallway to see what’s up. My neighbor is in the hall also, looking puzzled. She points upwards and sure enough, the thumping is coming from above. I head up the stairs and pull open the fire door on the next floor to see this girl kicking the door of the apartment directly above my neighbor. “hey!” I say and she spins, yanks the fire alarm and scarpers down the hallway. I run after her, but she’s got runners on and I haven’t, so by the time I hit the outside door she’s ahead of me. I dare as far as the sidewalk, aware that there may be glass or needles or various other crap in the lot. She and her friend are long gone by the time I slip back inside. More people are in the halls now, looking confused. We confer amongst ourselves, discover that one among us is in fact slated to become the new resident manager (TG) but that no one knows how to turn the alarm off. The fire department arrives after several of us call, only to tell us that someone from the property management group has to come turn it off since they do not have access to the control panel, which is locked. We call the management group and get the run around, call these people, please hold, let me transfer you…. near and hour and a half of the damn bell going off. (And the fire marshal telling us that we should keep a 24-hour fire-watch amongst ourselves while the system was down.)

People kept asking what the ringing was in the background when we were talking over ventrilo. You have no idea how long my ears rang afterwards. Say, anyone know a good place to rent these days?