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Ishtarra: You forted me?
Cerridwen: six ways from sunday.
Ishtarra: oooh!
Cerridwen: And yes I’ll have an egg

Ishtarra: For sale: one Jamnord
Maelthra: lalalalalala
Ishtarra: (how’s that)
Dreadangus: Finally!
Dreadangus: One Jamnord please!
Ishtarra: what’ll you give me for him?
Maelthra: tempting… but training one male at a time takes a lot of time.
Mirishanya: 1cp
Pooryorick: how much do you want for the bird?
Dreadangus: [Hood of Primal Life]?
Ishtarra: tempting
Maelthra: pretty
Ishtarra: very very tempting
Livi: sorry was afk kids were killing each other
Dreadangus: put a tarp down
Ishtarra: ooh, bloodsport in the living room
Maelthra: that’s when you get out the duct tape and wrap them all together
Ishtarra: throw in the shipping and handling and we’ll call it a deal!
Mandorallen: wish Larth was on đŸ˜¡
Rhavin: sold!
Maelthra: you put them up for sale too?
Ishtarra: You want a Jammy too?
Ishtarra: Dread wanted more drama
Sylvanost: What’s the market price for a Jamnord anyways?
Rhavin: Slave labor is hard to come by
Maelthra: apparently [Hood of Primal Life] and shipping and handling.
Pooryorick: where’s the best place to farm for one?
IshtarraL heroic instances mostly
Ishtarra: rare drop imo
Dreadangus: I’d shard it personally đŸ˜¡
ishtarra: dang I’m out of water
Livi: I make pots, not water
Ishtarra: a Jamnord is handy for that

Dreadangus: Ah, I look ridiculous!
Livi: You always do.
Dreadangus: Mean đŸ˜¦
Pooryorick: are you wearing lederhosen?
Dreadangus: not yet đŸ˜¡

Rhavin: Question; how on earth to the magic carpets land? No feet!