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Trust me to find a way to cut my toe with an ice cube. Yeah. An ice cube. Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know and I was there. One word: ouch.

I get to start my summer schedule this week, which is good on the one hand, because I get an extra day off, a weekday, so I can do useful things, like volunteer somewhere. The applications went off yesterday – yes, I had to apply – so wish me luck! However it’s not so cool for the fact that it means the 4 days I’m on are longer… I’ll be at work for 10 hours give or take and barring any unforeseen fan + shit scenarios.

I don’t like those. Let’s keep them to a minimum, shall we?

In other news, mom bought a car. I’m allowed to talk about it now because it’s done, but she bought a Honda Fit in grey. She says it’s supposed to last her ’til she’s eighty. She’s never bought a new car before and I must say I’m rather proud of her for just going ahead and doing it. And now I don’t have to worry about her driving around in a car that’s being held together with duct tape and rust. (God that thing was getting scary.)

Funny of the day:

Cloudhorn: I need to kill a guy and take his stuff
Teacka: Hmm, that somehow sounds familiar
Irukazi: I do that to homeless people all the time
Cloudhorn: it’s the basis of the entire WoW economy…
Teacka: Darwin did say it best… survival of the fittest

listening to: Synaesthesia – Orion Nebula
today’s project: uhm…
word count: *cough* 852
word of the day: haruspex
feeling: frustrated to the point where I might want to break something… aka retro pms…
craving: sleep