Wow. Had a lovely bit of writing on the novel this morning, solved one problem to discover another and now I have the task of redoing the time line. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it but omg… my brain hurts just thinking about it. But I killed a character, finally! What? he had it coming! Oh don’t look at me like that.

Seriously though, I feel pretty damned good about how much I got down on paper this time – in scenes even. Screw the time line for now. I am a-feared I will have to print the whole boogered thing out and play musical chapters. I tried naming them all for ease at one point, but now I’m too cluttered since I added that last thread.

Still kind of stuffy-headed too, actually, so while the brain is churning out new material the logistics of the time line are just too much for the amount of brain I do have.

Need. A. Break.

J has been attending the Dart-a-thon off and on this weekend. Last night he came home so drunk he couldn’t walk a straight line – nor could he stop giggling. He’s headed off again to do some more drinking… or not he says. He tried to convince me to go with him again, but you know. Drunk rednecks throwing sharp objects around – two of which I have some choice things to say to even though I shouldn’t. I really really shouldn’t. So. I’m not going. Besides, all they have to drink is beer and I’m not in the mood for beer. Want to write more, frankly.

listening to: Kosheen – Catch
eating: salt and vinegar chips (ouchies my tongue!)
today’s project: laundry, dishes
word count: 3545
non-novel count: 2014
word of the day: expatriate
feeling: accomplished
headspace: the future sound of the coast…