Willyb: Ok, and you guys gotta get in a half-circle thing, this guy does an AOE
Ishtarra: that’s a horseshoe people, …a horse….shoe…oh come on, did you all fail shapes in preschool? …. ok… Blob. that works.
Elande: what do you expect from drunk people?
Yulie: It’s a mutant horse
Elande: teenage mutant ninja turtles!
Cashcow: It’s a blob shoe
Jomi: That was a good cartoon
Yulie: Wait! I see a smiley face!
Ishtarra: let’s have another!

Ishtarra: Will? did you qwerty?
Williamein: Sorry! No, I was watching Lake Placid in Spanish
*laughter over vent*
Williamien: “Aye Caramba! Es el crocodillo gigante!!!”
*more laughter*
Elande: kill order?
Celtix: skull, then x, then whatever else is moving
Elande: I like that plan
Ishtarra: ready check!
Yulie: silly wabbit ready checks are for kids
Ishtarra: but it makes me happy Yulie
Yulie: You’re a pervert
Ishtarra: who told?
Williamein: Crocodillo GIGANTE!!!!

Willyb: oh these cherries are good
Ishtarra: don’t say that if you’re not going to share!
Teacka: you’re making me jealous!
Cashcow: you mean Tolgees isn’t willing to share his cherry?
Ishtarra: I know, how weird is that?
Williamein: GIGANTE!
*much giggling*
Yulie: ok, no more spanking for Willie, it’s affecting his performance

Williamein: no matter how drunk you are, you can’t fall off the floor!