I had some strange dreams while I was napping yesterday. In one I was walking down this path in a university garden – I know it was a university because there were a bunch of old buildings mashed together with newer ones on either side of the garden, which was filled with trees. Flowering like the plum and cherry trees are right now. Anyway, I was going to meet someone, and in order to do that I had to cross the river. So I head down the path and it winds its way to the waters edge. This part of the river must be very slow, or have turned into a lake on my way down there (you know how dreams are) because there are lily pads in the water where I have to get the boat. It’s a row-yourself deal, so I get in the boat and row across. There are picnic tables on the other side and people swimming in the shallows. I pause in the middle and look for the person I’m going to meet when a bird lands in the bow of my boat and it looks at me with one little black eye.

But! I’m feeling ever so much better today. It’s amazing what a whole crapton of sleep can do for you. I can’t give it all to the sleep though. Mom called at some point yesterday in my bleariness and she says “you’re missing something your diet! I mean, yes you’re missing vitamin D, but we all are. You need some Guinness!”

So here I am on the other end of the line thinking ‘what did my mother just say?’ so I ask her to repeat herself, sure that it’s the painkillers talking and not her, but sure enough I heard right. A Guinness. Apparently my grandfather was told to have Guinness after an operation and someone else she knew was told to have some after she gave birth for the simple fact that it “has something in it”. So I figured what the hell.

So I drank one. Almost a whole one because holy crappydoodlefuck does it not taste all that great. But. I feel good today which I can’t attribute entirely to the sleep I had last night for the simple fact that I was restless – probably due to the excessive napping I did earlier in the day. Either way. I feel better and this is a good thing indeed.

J, however is not feeling so hot. Just roused him from a nap to feed him dinner (read: put it in front of him, he’s a big boy after all) but he’s till pretty groggy and ill. The Guinness, all three of them, did not help him any it seems.

I went also to visit the lovely Lindsie today. She made a yummy brunch including real eggs for us and then we planned an adventure. I have homework! Hehehe!

I had a lovely walk back. The weather was not so freaking cold as it has been so I took the long route – both to enjoy the springiness and to look for vacancy signs. Found a few and called them with dubious results. (Also, wanted to put off laundry for as long as possible, but hey. It’s done now.)

I did not get any writing done, but I did get some thinking about the writing done and whether you believe it or not, that’s just as good. Hopefully. =P Besides, I received another essay to edit and that requires a different part of the brain altogether.

listening to: Balligomingo – Escape
eating: butter chicken
craving: Yorkshire pudding, peanut butter cookies
things that do not taste good together: Guinness and toothpaste
project of the day: laundry
reading: the Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana
word count: nada (eek!)
word of the day: tambula
quote of the day: “…for it is a universal rule that however bashful or angry a woman may be, she never disregards a man’s kneeling at her feet.” ~the Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana Part III; Chapter II ‘About the Acquisition of a Wife”
pet peeve of the day: the fact that they keep discontinuing razor blades! Mofos! *shakes fist*
feeling: akin to human
headspace: low orbit