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I’m still kind of in a weird headspace dreamwise. I was thinking about the bird in my boat earlier. I think he was a Cormorant though I’m not entirely sure. Wrote a poem about him anyway, so there was some writing. In fact I wrote a couple of them, though I don’t think much of it is any good. (Hooray!)

this river flows through the night
a silver thread of dreams…

Not a hell of a lot to report, save that I managed to misplace the book I was reading on my lunch break. *mumblecuss* But! I did find it online, so I will finish reading it that way I suppose and hope that one day I can find another cheap copy. I blink less when I read online though which can be a pain in the ass after a while, er… how about a pain in the eyes? (Library is reopening soon! Zomg! Youdon’tknowhowhappythatmakesme! Withdrawals much?)

listening to: Azam Ali – From Heaven to Dust
eating: taco salad
project of the day: editing
reading: The Letters of Abelard and Heloise
word of the day: anamnesis
feeling: creative
headspace: at the walls of Elysium