Because Karnov was kind enough to tag me, I suppose I shall jump on the bandwagon.

List seven random things about yourself that people may not know.

Link the person who sent this to you, and leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.

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1. When I was 4 I wanted to be a fireman when I grew up.
2. I actually do like to talk, but I don’t like the sound of my own voice.
3. My pinkie toes hide under my other toes.
4. I had a different name at birth.
5. Double negatives make me twitch. IN A BAD WAY! Especially if they exist in the same word.
6. However, a well-turned phrase can make my knees weak.
7. I used to think it was possible to know something about everything.

I shall Tag: No one visits much anyway, so whoever is bored enough to do this. Just leave me a link if you do. Ta!