I spent some time with Nomes today. I enjoyed spending the time with her. We did lunch and wandered around downtown in the sun. Yes, the sun! I even took my jacket off and didn’t freeze. Is it possible that spring is finally here?

Spent some time researching too. Bus routes, and publishers, not in that order and not related.

Seems the majority of Canadian publishers aren’t really interested in genre fiction of the type I’ve been slaving away on. They mostly seem to have a ‘literary’ bend to them. So I suppose that means I have to make a couple of choices; whether to continue with this one and publish it elsewhere like Kelley Armstrong and other Canadian genre-freaks did for their firsts – OR – write something else since Arika and Marlon are giving me a headache. I’m seriously tempted to start right the fuck over again.

listening to: Emiliana Torrini – Sunny Road
just watched: Gone in 60 Seconds
feeling: discouraged