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Killertomato: I’m going to mountjack a Gnome’s chicken and /lol at all of you
Rhavin: you’re gonna do what to a gnome chicken???
Killertomato: lol
Rhavin: dear lord man you have no shame
Jamnord: to be honest if your going to jack a chicken I don’t want to know how or why you’re doing that
Killertomato: lmfoa
Killertomato: omg
Rhavin: I’m with Jams on this one
Ishtarra: Oh boy
Williamein: who’s mounting a chicken?
Jamnord: think KT is jacking one
Rhavin: the tomato
Ishtarra: that chicken is gonna need therapy
Mâlystrix: a tomato raping a chicken?!?!? what are you guys on?
Williamein: we’re all gonna need therapy after this conversation
Jamnord: think he is but I don’t want to know how
Risele: we will be fine
Kavi: lol Man have I missed you guys 🙂
Havsgurl: I think I need a drink after this conversation
Ishtarra: I don’t suffer from insanity!
Rhavin: I enjoy every minute of it!
Jamnord: Hey KT, the chicken have your tongue?
Rhavin:it pecked his stem off
Jamnord: rofl
Ishtarra: omg
Celtix: O.0
Kavi: rofl