I’ve been having a relatively productive day. I had the urge to clean so I ripped everything off my desk and the surrounding shelves and sorted everything. I took out an entire garbage bag of paper crap that I’d been saving for no apparent reason. I’ve boxed up all the paperwork from previous years, i.e. bills and such and put them away. (I made a list of the things I have to go through next – like all the boxes and binders I have lurking in the bedroom and hall closets. I don’t need to keep all my bills and things previous to 2001 anymore, do I? Or, hell, some of the other crap I know is floating around back there. I am such a packrat.)

I found all the old versions of HIWTHI and I’ve been reconstructing some of it because – surprise – it still works – and in some places even better than what I had. Of course, now I think the whole thing is going to end up being more than one book – I’m too ambitious with the plot threads and I think that’s what’s been driving me insane.

Anyway, all the vigorous cleaning left be quite some time to think. And listen to my music as loud as I want (grins) and yes, I have been singing along. HA!

listening to: Placebo – Running up that Hill (Kate Bush cover)
reading: Elantris – Brandon Sanderson
watching: Heroes 1×02 – Don’t Look Back
eating: perogies
drinking: pepsi with ice, ice baby
thinking about: cop lingo in the 22 century
word count: (new) 895
word of the day: preternatural
pet peeve of the day: deus ex machina
feeling: accomplished
headspace: Mare Cognitum
today’s project: sorting papers, cleaning the kitchen