I got up this morning and when I tried to brush my hair I couldn’t. So I slouched into the living room, booked a hair appointment and went. I got the girl to chop it all off. She took off a good 11 inches or so but I tell you, my head feels so much lighter. Not to mention: sexy curls! I’m not totally sold on the way she cut the front yet, but it’s still a major improvement to the little miss frumpy-locks I was sporting there. Mission accomplished!

On my way up to the mall I saw a snail on the sidewalk. (You’re probably thinking something along the lines of “who the smeg cares, it’s a snail, moving on!”) But this is the first time in a while that I’ve actually see one that was actually alive and mobile which says good things about the way the weather is going. Not to mention the fact that the magnolias were blooming profusely on the road up to the mall.

‘course, the whole trip would have been better if I’d not managed to bash my knee on a cement thing in the mall. Yet more evidence of my Klutziness. (Ok, ok, fine. I should stop reading and walking, I get it!)

Things that made me smile yesterday: The man who came in to buy ten Euros with which he was going to tip a waitress who was going on a trip this coming summer.

listening to: Kosheen – Face in the Crowd
reading: Encyclopedia of Forensic Science: A compendium of detective fact and fiction – Conklin, Gardner, Shortelle
Word count: nil
word of the day: contusion
project of the day: laundry, a birthday party
feeling: slightly apathetic
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