I promised I’d share a funny customer story:

This young couple with a baby changed some US dollars into Canadian. So Miss E. counts out the Canadian amount and when they nod she pushes it through to them where they poke at it and move it about as though they’re not quite sure what to do with it when the man asks:

“Do you have a list?”
“A list?” Miss E. asks.
“A list, yeah,” he says.
“What kind of list?”
“Well with what these are worth on it,”
“You mean the Canadian?”
“Yeah, so you know how much each bill is,”
“You mean how much they’re worth in US?”
“Yeah, so that when you pay for stuff you can figure out how much to give” he says. Miss. E. is looking pretty confused by now, and to be honest so am I. Then I clue in.
“Well, you know all the prices are marked in Canadian here,” I said and I saw the light go on in his head.
“Oh!” he says
“Yeah, so if it says five dollars you use the one that has the five on it. No need for a list at all. Easy,” I say.
“Oooh, ok. That is easy, thanks!” and they gather up their money and leave.

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