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In terms of housework, I’ve had a wildly unproductive day.

However, in a fit of writers block I decided to drag out some of my old fiction to see if I couldn’t get the juices flowing again. There has been a little bit of verbiage thanks to that, but more importantly, there are ideas floating around in my brain now.

I found all the stuff I wrote for my university workshops and wow, I think I’ve got a wee bit out of practise, if you know what I mean. I remember sitting down two days before these short stories were due in rough draft and just writing them, start to finish and not looking at them until they were up for workshop. I miss the incentive I think. I’ve got lazy! (Ok, depressed, anxiety-ridden and lazy, but lazy just the same. Hey, the sun is shining, get your butt in gear girl!) So. I’m hoping that in the next little while I can get back into the swing a little – or rather start a new swing. Because there really hasn’t been much in the way of routine for writing recently. Actually there’s not been much in the way of routine at all recently and I think that might be part of my problem.

Back to the reams of fiction I’ve been sitting on for years: another of my pet sci-fi stories has come back to light and I’ve been having fun sinking my teeth into it. I may change my main character’s name, as the one she has right now is quite the mouthful, but then I might not, since she is quite… exotic, you might say. Here’s some of what I scribbled today:

“Don’t try and defend yourself. I’ve got a pretty clear idea what my kind is worth up here and it really isn’t a hell of a lot.” She snarled and stabbed one clawed finger at him in an effort not to bare her teeth. “If you’re not going to help me then I guess I’d better get off this chair and find someone who can,” she got up, knocking the chair over as she did so, her tail lashing about her legs. Luke didn’t move.

“You’re not even likely to find anyone who’d talk to you out there, let alone help you. You do realise this.” She glared at him with her yellow eyes, hating him for being right. Hating him because he was normal, because he held all the cards in the deck.

In other news, as you can see, I’ve been playing with my page. Have I mentioned that I love fractals? I was playing with the new banner picture, but I’m having issues getting it to look like how I see it in my head, so that’s not going up yet. Oh, and does anyone have any idea why the ‘alt’ command is not working with my html? Or does it work for you and my computer is just a retard?

listening to: Schiller – Fallen
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