a friend of mine had just discovered that his fiancee is terminally ill and only has three months to live. In haste, he marries her. His father dies just before his honeymoon, and they stay long enough to see him properly put to rest, but he is determined to see that the last months of his new wife’s life is beautiful. Before he leaves he tearfully tells me that he isn’t sure he will be able to live when she is gone. At the time, I tell him I understand. When he’s back in town, he’s back alone and we all know that the worst has happened. I know he’s in town, but I can’t find him and I am filled with this dread that he will do something drastic. For some reason I’m in a card shop and I’m circling it like a shark but I can’t settle. Finally someone I know comes in and she tells me she just saw him on his way home. I bolt and she looks totally bewildered. He answers the door and he looks a wreck. He says nothing but he lets me hold him. Finally he pulls me inside and he breaks down in tears.

“I was going to,” he says. “But she wouldn’t hear of it. I told her I wanted to be with her but she said I had a responsibility to live. But I miss her so much,” he weeps. I wake up in tears.