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(I should really stop starting my posts with that word.)

I took the job.

I pondered it. I made the pro con list and waffled and worried and basically gave myself a stress-induced migraine, but I took it. I’d have to train, or help train my replacement anyway, so why not get paid for it?

Of course, today was a complete write-off because of said migraine and accompanying nasal hemorrhage. I did not get the things done I should have got done when I should have got them done. If that makes sense. And of course, because of that, the Whirlwind took the opportunity to tell me how crappily I was doing. That is one thing I will not miss.

Anyway. It’s going to be work – but it is temporary. There are things to do still, but I think the extra income might just allow me to get ahead. (Har.)

An update on the soup adventure. After sifting out the bones and drinking in the scent of soup J decided that it needed noodles. So he went down to the store but couldn’t find any noodles and so he brought home some black rice. In it went.

The soup turned purple.

Yes. Purple.

It smelled good, so I took a bowl but to this minute I can’t tell you what it tasted like. I kept having to taste it to see if it was ok. I ate the whole bowl that way. So. We have learned two things from this project. One: leave the veggies out until you’ve taken out the bones. and Two: No black rice.

Because I think it tastes like borscht. I think.

listening to: Synaesthesia – Andromedia
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reading: Flesh and Spirit – Carol Berg
feeling: overwhelmed
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