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Jamnord: Yo, PURRRRRRRR boy
Celtix: lol
Verdeloth: oh baby oh baby you so do it for me
Jamnord: lol about time Rhav
Livindeadgrl: ok my eyes guys thats just wrong
Ishtarra: Welcome to Bovine?
Verdeloth: btw i’m rubbin my nipple
Teacka: I have clamps if you like
Jamnord: sweet i am getting the leash out for ya
Verdeloth: WOOT … wait, locking or spring loaded?
Celtix: omg
Ishtarra: omg your killing me
Teacka: spring of course
Verdeloth: hahaha
Verdeloth: well crank em up and bring em here!
Ishtarra: fuzzy handcuffs?
Livindeadgrl: cuffs don’t fit me
Teacka: hmmm shall i bring the whips too?
Willyb: Hey, I’ve got the handcuffs
Ishtarra: does that mean you have the uniform?
Ishtarra: I like uniforms
Willyb: No, but you should
Ishtarra: but i don’t. There is a cheerleader outfit tho. Hey Rhav shall I lend that to jams for you?
Willyb: what no leather?
Ishtarra: maaayyybe
Razzmatazz: Cheerleaders are only hot if they’re blonde
Ishtarra: lies!
Verdeloth: sorry jams I only put loaded guns in my holster
Verdeloth: besides your not the right caliber
Jamnord: good i don’t shoot blanks
Teacka: lmao
Playful: Ew can’t forget the flight attendant outfit. Coffee, tea, or me. lol
Kaknaf: it’s ok jam your still a man even if its not loaded
Verdeloth: well that corrects one problem but your still the wrong caliber
Livindeadgrl: i really need to read all of guild chat rofl thanks jams
Razzmatazz: Jamnord can only wish
Ishtarra: it’s safer to start at the beginning
Playful: it’s not safe anywhere in this conversation
Ishtarra: well, erm
Ishtarra: good point
Verdeloth: by now jams is naked i’m rubbin my nipples he’s purring ishy’s crying EVERYONE is taking pictures…
Verdeloth: wtf is SAFE?
Razzmatazz: i told you
Jamnord: not a lot at this moment
Kaknaf: wow Verd you win
Celtix: Rhav what are you smoke’n?
Kaknaf: oh i want some
Celtix: lol I can tell
Jamnord: just think, he has a very detailed imagination and that scene is in his head at this very moment.
Razzmatazz: I’m point blank Jamnord
Verdeloth: sadly Jamnord is right…but since it was there I decided I should do something constructive with it.
Willyb: Rhav I /bow to you for that one
Razzmatazz: man this conversation is like walking out on the ranch, no matter what you say, walk, or do, you step in BS
Ishtarra: shit happens?
Razzmatazz: i just didn’t figure you guys would shit so much
Verdeloth: well when you’re full of shit it’s gotta go somewhere
Ishtarra: its the diet
Livindeadgirl: guild bbq! tolgees into the fire lol
Ishtarra: mmm gnome-kebabs
Ishtarra: and razz, I suppose it depends on whether you’re talking about real shit or metaphorical shit
Verdeloth: metaphorical shit ftw…you can do so much more with it … without the mess đŸ™‚
Razzmatazz: well ish, I’ve been sitting on my ass for the last six hours I don’t think you will massage it to make it feel better
Kaknaf: No but if I was raz i would let you try ish
Verdeloth: wait..try what?
Kaknaf: finger in the butt
Livindeadgrl: i did not just read that
Alagaesia: eew
colonoscopy? sweet
Kaknaf: come on Alag don’t play the goodie two shoes school girl
Kaknaf: it doesn’t work on mez
Alagaesia: But I am!
oh right pff. What about me Ala? /purr
Livindeadgrl: give her a few drinks and the true her will come out and play lol
Verdeloth: at this particular juncture I would say you were in the wrong guild… but we love you too much
Alagaesia: i’ma bring my ruler!
Livindeadgrl: see it’s starting again
Ishtarra: oh please do! meow
Jamnord: oh ruler um
Celtix: omg this is getting bad
Livindeadgrl: want me in the corner or at the desk?
Verdeloth: *gets comfy chair and popcorn*
Ishtarra: *shakes her pom poms*
Teacka: back… wow did I ever miss something
Verdeloth: /who world
Alagaesia: I’ve got a conducting baton too..
Ishtarra: oh really?
Jamnord: i have a whip
for Rhav’s holster?
Livindeadgrl: I’m a big guy get a bat lol
Verdeloth: whips are for amateurs I have a Kat
Teacka: I have kick-ass boots
Kaknaf: afk for shower i feel too dirty right now
Verdeloth: golden showers don’t get you clean, just fyi