I had lunch with the lovely Lindsie today. We did not go to the park to watch cricket, wear hats and talk in accents as was originally suggested, though we might have to do that at some point just because. instead, we went to the Bard and Banker to see how it was since they’d just finished putting the place together. it looks amazing.

We both had fish and chips and a martini that went by the name of ‘Fine and Dandy’ that Lindsie said tasted like a Hudson Bay company blanket – warm and cozy kind of fuzzy. I agreed. It was Spiced rum, malibu and pineapple juice. Oh gods was it yummy. Might just have to try that one again!

Lindsie had leftovers, but she wouldn’t let me take said leftovers as vulture bait. I think it would be awesome to have a pet vulture. I’d call it “Squeaky” or “Lulu” and it would sit on my shoulder. And I would threaten my peons with it.

“You better get that done, or I’ll let Squeaky have your eyes!”

We’re so normal.

listening to: Achillea – Amor Pt. 1
eating: too hot to eat
drinking: ice tea
weather: hot… up to 30 today
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word of the day: filial
feeling: angsty
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