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Troubleman: That’s mean Ishy, telling a tree to cut down a tree
Ishtarra: I’m a Troll. I’m all about cannibalism.

Arasil: Excuse me, Prales but you seem to be stuck up a horses…uhm…
Prales: Oh, I’m not stuck

Arasil: Huh… I though Larth died because we decided his time was up
Ishtarra: shh!
Nantosuelta: butbut!
Troubleman: giving away channel secrets! You are BANNED!

Troubleman: grr, the game hates me
Ishtarra: boo!
Arasil: It’s not just the game…actually
Nantosuelta: take a hint!
Troubleman: Let me sharpen my axe!
Arasil: it helps morale
Troubleman: there will be daily floggings until morale is improved!
Ishtarra: oh really?
Troubleman: /wink
Nantosuelta: yea rly!
Arasil: *gets the big paddle*
Ishtarra: I guess that really depends on who’s flogging who!