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Valea: Is it just me, or should tailors be able to make hammocks for those occasions when a raid has two trees?


Genisus: GOD

Ishtarra: yes?

Arasil: I knew it!


Arasil: Aaaah! Born again! Can’t keep a good wood down *shifty eyes*

Dreadangus: m-m-m-multiple entendre!


Troubleman: I wasn’t here!

Arasil: Wait, what are you doing alive?

Ishtarra: Thwarting your plans, obviously.


Valea: don’t make me unleash a family of squirrels on you!

Arasil: NOOOO!

Arasil: They come to steal my nuts!

Valea: don’t think the squirrels will be able to find them

Arasil: engineering squirrels can do anything


Arasil: and that’s why drugs are bad mmkay

Troubleman: grow more bark!

Arasil: eat my carpenter ants!

Torontogosh: trees ftw


Teacka: bringing Arasil back from the dead. Please have a shotgun ready in case of zombie.

Valea: OWNED