Yesterday I left the house at about ten thirty to go and catch the island bus. It was this bus or the one that left at 7:30am and there was no way I was getting up earlier on a day off than I normally do. Anyway, I get downtown a little early, which was the plan, so I grab a bun from one of the street vendors and sit on a bench to munch it and read some before I hoofed it down to the depot. I took one look at the lineup and thought that perhaps I should have got there a tad earlier. From the rumblings around and about I discovered that the people at the front of the line had been waiting since the early bus. I swear I should write some snitty little thing for the Monday about how, if they had not cancelled the 9am run, they’d not have this kind of issue.

So I park myself at the end of the line with my backpack and my book and settle in for the wait, figuring that if I don’t get on this one I wasn’t going to wait until the 4pm one – I’d just go home, no matter how much I wanted to see my poor kitties. The speakers blare that boarding is about to start, but could anyone bound for Duncan just please step aside to let everyone else on first, thanks? I blink and look sideways at the woman next to me.

“Did he just say what I think he said?” she asks, disbelief in her voice.

“If you heard it and I heard it, I think he did,” I say and shuffle off to the side where the people who had been waiting since 7, and about 12 others gathered in a sullen lump. One of the first set was slightly drunk and his girlfriend had one of those voices that carry no matter how quietly she tries to speak.

“This is total bullshit,” one of them says and I press my nose further into my book, more interested in the idea that Christopher Marlowe might actually have been a woman, than how pissed off these slightly seedy, overtired wackos were. At one point the bus driver threatened to not let them on the bus if they didn’t shut up and the girl got all apologetic, throwing up her arms.

“He’s really sorry, I swear to god!”

Eventually they decide that there are enough of us Duncan bound to warrant a whole second bus rather than a cab and we’re herded into a 70’s upholstered bus with loud orange seats. I finish my book just as we hit the bridge. We beat the original bus.

I mosey over to the city bus-stop that’s nearby and snag a schedule from the bus driver that’s leaning in the doorway of his bus, drinking a lemonade through a straw and I see that I have an hour and a half until my bus comes. So I went to the Starbucks nearby and got myself a lemonade, sat down on the bench and started my next book.

At one point a little elderly lady arrived but she would not sit on the bench because there was no shade, but she was chatty anyway and told be about how her son was getting married in August and how she had called her grandson to tell him she would be coming, and that she was going to bring her husband with her, even though he’d already passed on. Then she giggled and said

“I thought afterward that instead of an invisible man i should get one of those balloon men and dress him in a tuxedo and bring that with me to the wedding, but my daughter didn’t like the sounds of that. I’d better be careful or they’ll lock me up for a nut!”

Mom showed up before the bus did. My cats were suitably miffed with me for being away so long, but they tolerated some greeting hugs before mom and I went to check out the beach.

There were two tall ships in the bay shooting cannons at each other as they zoomed around. Judging from the colours, one of them may have actually been the “Bounty” that was used in MGM’s Mutiny on the Bounty. I was hoping the other was the “Unicorn” that was used in Pirates, but I don’t think it was. However, there was a woman dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow sashaying along the beach demanding rum from the beach-goers.

“But why’s the Rum gone?” She was nearly a dead ringer for Depp in the same getup.

The water was delicious. Yes it took me a good ten minutes to get in, but there is nothing, in my mind, nearly so good as floating about in the ocean. I swam out past the swimming buoys and across the the pub dock and around the swim raft and back. I floated, I glided I watched the ships sail past and I watched people drink beer and get tipsy on their pleasure-craft. Two teenage boys cannon-balled off the swim raft and a girl rode an inflatable dolphin back and forth. I think I was in the water for a good hour or more just alternately floating and swimming.

I had forgotten how much heavier one feels when one splashes back out onto the beach.

Then we went for fish and chips at Cow Bay which was yum. Miss Kitten slept with me the entire night, stretched out along my side. I’d forgotten that she snores little kitty snores.

This morning I helped mom pick raspberries and peas from her garden. She gave me some to bring home. I also clipped Cinderella’s toenails – or tried. It seem one on her front paw has grown into the pad. There was not a vet in today or I’d have taken her then, but Mom said she would this week. Poor kitty, no wonder she’s in a bad mood. Yet another thing to pay for… but then such is life, isn’t it?

I had forgotten, as I do, how much of a one-horse town that place is on the weekends. Nothing is open except in the malls, which I think is perfectly respectable.

On my way back home, I came through the grocery store parking lot and because it was so quiet (for a change) I heard this soft tapping sound. I looked up and there clinging to a dead branch on the tree above me was a tiny little downy woodpecker. It always amazes me how wildlife adapts to the urbanization of their world because this little guy was almost close enough for me to reach out and touch. I hope he and the little raptors I’ve seen don’t cross paths.

listening to: Amore part II – Achillea
reading: Mother Aegypt – Kage Baker
eating: fresh raspberries that I picked this morning
feeling: more relaxed
headspace: undersea