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Troubleman: We’re gonna have to heal the crap out of Druil
Arasil: Operation meat shield
Arasil: Remember to hide behind the shield…but the keep the shield up… else you become the shield… for more information, stay tuned!
Ishtarra: Dammit! I hate commercials!
Troubleman: eh?
Troubleman: now I’m lost
IshtarraL yeah that was my brain making weird leaps.
Ishtarra: ignore me
Arasil: I got it Ish
Troubleman: but you’re a tree
Troubleman: so weird by definition
Ishtarra: oh thanks
Arasil: I’ll come back as paper and cut you!


Teaka: Dreadangus, by clicking “accept”, you, the resurrected, hereby consign your soul to the resurrecter, i.e. me.
Ishtarra: don’t do it Dready!
Dreadangus: I should point out that my soul is currently in escrow
Dreadangus: long story short, EBay is a beast.