So this weekend marks the 150th birthday of BC as a Province. There are all sorts of things going on downtown apparently, not the least of which seems to be some fighter jets (Snowbirds or something) flying in formation over our apartment and threatening the sound barrier with the roar of their engines.

Anyway, there are also a bunch of free type concerts happening on the front lawn of the legislative buildings. J wants to see Colin James so we’re heading out to do that and eat out. (Apparently CJ is on stage at 4 and J got a bit miffed at me because it was after 3 and I’d not had my shower – but I honestly thought we were leaving at 4, so now I’m ready and now he’s shaving…we’re still leaving at 4. *rolls eyes* I even have my shoes on!)

Throat still feels rotten – and I am so freaking hot I need more lemonade!

listening to: Ghosts – NIN
eating: apples
drinking: lemonade
feeling: rotten
headspace: *sigh*