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Ishtarra: Airs? Those are ouch-expensive on the AH atm.
Dreadangus: I know that much, but unless you’ve recently learned how to pull about 16 primal airs our of your ass I need to farm them.
Arasil: and if I have
Dreadangus: hello my new best friend?

Bigallo: how do I get some Priest loving?
Hiban hugs Bigallo
Hiban blows Bigallo a kiss.
Bigallo: lol thanks!
Hiban: 5g please.

Dreadangus: Dear Warlocks
Dreadangus: stop being warlocks
Dreadangus: love, Dready.

Torontogosh: he won’t let me tip him
Ishtarra: he’s not a cow. you can’t tip him
Hiban: I’m that good /hikes up his dress
Torontogosh: I keep sending gold in the mail and he sends it back. Even the one that read “money on the bedside table”

Livi: don’t bother Ivan he is eating lasagna and is rabid rl now
Ivandrago: NOM! NOM! NOM!
Ishtarra: you can practically hear the foamin’

Ahpoh: sing Shaft Hiban
Hiban: shaft this

Dreadangus: he’s one of the pantheon of Canadian gods, along with Sven the Wishgiving Moose.

Ishtarra: grr
Hiban: women that growls Sssssssiiiiggghhh
Ashalae: lol
Troubleman: 0.o
Ishtarra: maybe I better be careful?
Troubleman: /grabs net
Troubleman: no! don’t be careful! /wink
Hiban: well, better you than listening to my sister. I call THAT bitching.
Ishtarra: grr
Ishtarra: oops.
Troubleman: lol

Hiban: Ok, now you’re just abusing me
Ishtarra: is it abuse?
Ashalae: me thinks not
Troubleman: it’s only abuse if there’s protest
Ishtarra: yar and I wasn’t hearing much of that
Troubleman: see?

Torontogosh: please?
Ishtarra: say something in vent Hiban
Hiban: I’m not singing
Livi: he better
Livi: I spank
Livi: and bite
Hiban: you better
Ishtarra: i said say, not sing
Istharra: grr
Hiban: oo there’s a growl
Hiban: I can leave raid now
Ishtarra: lol

Maggymoo: can I request a party change?
Ishtarra: are you afraid of the priest?
Hiban: Livi, nibbles, no big bites
Maggymoo: depends on which one you’re talking about lol
Ishtarra: well, one bites and the other goes funny when you growl, take your pick.
Maggymoo: um…
Valjidor grabs Maggymoo’s ass.
Maggymoo: and Val grabs!
Ishtarra: that too

Valjidor: yes, my master
Ishtarra: ooh, call me that again Val
Torontogosh: or say as you wish
Troubleman: or combine for bonus points
Valjidor: yes, my master

Ishtarra: fort me Hiban!
Hiban: no
Ishtarra: I’ve been rejected!
Willyb: you need a rebound Ish?
Ishtarra: lol was that you volunteering?
Soulthief: Sillyb, trying to use the rebound card!
Willyb: always
Soulthief: This from a giant furbie…
Sco: never a dull moment
Ishtarra: you know it. This is furyheals after all.

Jamnord: we don’t allow handguns in this country
Soulthief: THAT scares me Jammy
Ishtarra: so we all get black belts
Valjodir: that’s because you’re all pussyfist
valjidor: I mean pacifist
Hiban: no guns, but you can have a pet Polar Bear
Ishtarra: yeah, mine’s called “George”
Torontogosh: rl pokemon
Hiban: until he’s hungry or pissed off, sure.

Cloudhorn: in other news: this dinosaur is not letting me have my fel iron
Cloudhorn: i will punish it with stabbing

Rokbut: oh didn’t they tell you? You can’t talk in vent yet… this is also an S&M guild… this is your month with the gimp mask and the rubber ball

Soulthief: after much profound thought and consideration I’ve reached a decision based solely on evidence and empirical research
Ishtarra: oh really? and what would that be?
Soulthief: West is a poopiehead
Ishtarra: lol

Boon: American beer is like making love in a canoe
Zachariel: yes 🙂
Boon: fucking close to water
Zachariel: well, perspective… making love in a canoe is better than none at all

Arasil: and /trade chat continues to kill brain cells which I desperately need for breathing and digestive functionality

Ishtarra: do it now or I’ll feed your brains to Whooster
Soulthief: but I NEED my brains

Torontogosh: I shall smite you with my branches for your insolence!
Soulthief: and I shall use your branches to feed my campfire so I can make s’mores

Dreadangus: Pants are forbidden in Bovine Raids!
Ishtarra: according to Jam’s daughter, we’re all weird
Dreadangus: Naw, we’re interesting
Ishtarra: that’s what I said
Dreadangus: we’re “Dad’s Interesting Internet Friends”
Dreadangus: DIIF
Torontogosh: does interesting mean creepy?
Torontogosh: like creepy uncle?
Sco: really good spandex always comes with elastic…
Dreadangus: the really sweaty one who dances with his nieces a little too closely
Dreadangus: Possibly
Sco: the best spandex comes with elastic AND VELCRO!
Dreadangus: The best spandex comes with a codpiece
Willyb: Codpiece only!
Ishtarra covers her eyes.
Torontogosh: my eyes!

Jalik: Dready killed me!
Dreadangus: I SAVED YOU
Dreadangus: “Mercy Kill”
Dreadangus: from a life of serving snake-men