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I went up-island this weekend to partake of the Thanksgiving traditions and eat turkey and/or ham with various sets of family members.

Saturday night, a very drunk cousin grilled me about why I wanted to have kids one day before loudly demanding that she needed more wine. Her husband was prompt to reply, ‘ oh no you don’t” and received the “look of death”. Her kids are just now leaving the nest and I have a peculiar impression that she regrets starting too early. It was odd being under the gun with her though, because it’s not something I’ve actually rationalized much. It’s one of those “always been” desires. There’s no time line, there’s no rush, I just know that I want it to happen.

Anyway, Miss Kitten did her routine and slept with me all night, purring whenever I woke enough to roll over. I’d discovered that I sleep better when I put a blanket over the top of my head. I’d forgotten that there was no insulation in the walls, and since my head is nearly against the wall in that wee bed – well. It can get chilly.

Sunday, we went to a cousin’s place where there was a turkey, more ham, and more food, really than we all knew what to do with. At this gathering, I had a semi-drunk relative ask me if I was in love. We were interrupted by the oversize golden retriever that my cousin owns before she started rambling again before I really had to answer anything, but it seemed a strange theme to me: peg the young one with difficult questions this weekend. Anyway, I got home at about 5ish and the power went out.

This hardly ever happens in this spot, there are too many ways the power gets to the city that if it does go out, it’s usually only a few minutes that we’re dark. But no, this was bigger than that. According to the frustrating news reports, nearly 200000 people were without power for over an hour. Do they know what cause it? Nope.

Anyway, now that my internets are working again, I’ve been doing a little catching up on my junkie-ness. Hooray cartoons! Music! Interesting articles on why you shouldn’t vote!

Ok. I need more iced tea and a quiet corner for a few minutes.

listening to: The Chemicals Between Us – Bush
eating: cheesie poufs (lol)
reading: Bones to Ashes – Kathy Riechs (ugh… such FLUFF)
feeling: not relaxed
headspace: statica