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I feel like crap. But before I drag my sorry ass to bed, I wanted to scribble something completely random, irrelevant and probably only of interest to me, just so that you all know I’m still – somewhat – alive. (I think I’m getting sick – this bone-tired is only partially characteristic of my monthly *issues* and I’m positive the sinus thing is unrelated. However, the rest of it is just normal. Hah…Pass those painkillers over here, will you? I intend to kill this headache, one way or another.)

So, on to my geek thrill for the day:

I don’t know if any of you have seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but I was thinking about it today on my bus ride home. It is not the most smashing movie for witty dialogue or intricate plot, but it has a couple of my favourite things in it: explosions and literary allusions. I did not realize that it was based on a comic book but I was more than keenly aware that the characters in the story are all from works of literature. I mean, how can you confuse Mina Harker with anyone but the woman from Dracula, or Dorian Gray as anyone but Oscar Wilde’s creation? The Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, Tom Sawyer, hell, even Moby Dick and Sherlock Holmes where present in that one movie. But the one I was thinking about specifically this afternoon was Allan Quartermain. I was aware that tales of this particular character had appeared in editions of Boy’s Own since my aunt has exactly one annual edition of this hidden away somewhere, though I’d never had the opportunity to peruse its contents to my satisfaction. So I turned to the internets. The Internets always provide – at least after some patient searching and combing through some unsatisfactory links. I found him. Allan Quatermain is the creation of one Henry Rider Haggard and the series begins with King Solomon’s Mines which was published in 1885. Since I have brainpower for little else, I’m going to immerse myself in some rousing adventures – Victorian Style.


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