My head feels like it had a brick inside it. Ok, perhaps that’s not quite accurate enough, because, while it certainly feels heavy, I really don’t think that there’s anything solid up there.. and whatever that non-solid stuff is, it’s leaking out my nose… great visual, eh? Sorry, but it’s the truth.

I just had a nap while I was reading more fluff. Yeah, it was so bad it put me to sleep, which was kind of the intention. Of course, now I have weird marks on my face from rolling over onto the thing.

I spent some time hunting up some old songs that I missed, so those are downloading now. Makes me happy. Of course, that’s the only thing that I intended for today that I actually accomplished. (OK, Lie, I did vacuum before my pass-out – there was an excess of things on the floor for my bare wee feet to pick up.) But. I wanted to clean more. There are piles of things everywhere. I don’t know where anything is, but when I looked at the whole mess this morning I just suddenly felt so very tired

Everything makes me tired it seems.

I had a post of some kind worked out in my head yesterday, but I think I sneezed it out. Perhaps it will return later… hopefully.

listening to: the Hand that feeds – Nine Inch Nails
eating: tea
drinking: tea
feeling: erm…