Apartment hunting is only slightly less demoralizing than job hunting – and even then not by much. There’s something about being judged by your first impression – especially when you’re nervous. *sigh* I can only hope that something good comes my way soon.

In other news, it seems that my newest employee got his ass fired by MY boss this last week. Little twat did not make the Khali happy. Not. One. Bit. I hear from the grapevine – being the Fiery One, that there are interviews lined up for me on Monday. Fucking hell? I’m really starting to hate this. Stupid responsibility. Cripes.

I really don’t have much to report today. I’m feeling borderline homicidal and slightly antsy. I managed to write some on Nano, so I also, kind of, feel slightly accomplished. Watch me waffle.

I had a random thought when I woke up this morning, because I’d been talking about churches with someone earlier:

The only thing God will be interested in on Judgement day is what is in men’s hearts, not which interpretation of a book (which was not written by god, nor his prophet) that they may believe in.

listening to: UNKLE – Rabbit in your Headlights
Nano word count: 8799/50000
apartment hunting status: ACK
eating: Caesar salad
drinking: pepsi and wishing for malibu