Once upon a time I had a blog hosted elsewhere and I didn’t back it up very regularly – because I am lazy, because I’ll do it tomorrow, because nothing bad will happen…you know how it is. Because of this, the internet gods, as fickle as they are, deemed it fit that my host should delete the entirely of my old site on what seems to be little more than a whim. This means that I have lost several good posts and a lot of bad ones, but the moral of the story is the same: back of your freaking work if you care at all about it!

So after a few minutes of near-hyperventilation when the SO gave me the news, he very diplomatically set us up at another server, (I tell you the man knows me – and well he should after so many years!) and voilà, welcome to my new home on the internets. Please be patient while I rummage around in what files I did back up and I decide just how I am to proceed with this new space.