This is my to-do list for the last part of the semester:
1) Finish essay on Indian Mutiny and The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins)
2) Finish reading the novels for Writ 310, from The Master and Margarita, to Ship of Fools on the list to the left.
3) Read the Mayor of Casterbridge for Engl 380
4) Finish two (or three) more poems for workshop.
5) Workshop other people’s poems and stories
6) Think about which two stories I am going to rewrite for final portfolio – I think I know already, I just have to think about how I’m going to do it.
7) Write one fresh story for the portfolio
8) Find out how many poems for final portfolio
9) rewrite workshopped poems for portfolio
10) take-home exam for 310
11) Find out what kind of format the english exam is going to be in.
12) Go talk to someone who knows, to find out about grad requirements, and teacher’s certificate requirements.
13) ESL certificate???
14) Try and remember if there is anything that has been forgotten…

My list of non-school projects:
1) Birthday present for Lindsie
2) wedding gift for Jon and Marnie
3) bills, bills, bills…. as always
4) try not to die at work – maybe even find something new for the summer.