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tumblr_m3bohrfzLC1qzae32o4_250Well, it’s been an interesting week. Actually it has been better than the last few have been – at least until yesterday. Since the sun is out more I can feel my mood lifting. I like light. I like the birds singing and I like the flowers blooming and the green bursting out on the trees all over the place. I like the air warming up and the knowledge that soon my feet won’t have to be encased in running shoes all the time; they can be in sandals an soak up some of those glorious rays of sun.

Last weekend, J and I got a couple of things for the house: another bookshelf and a small table for our deck, which is something we spent a lot of time last summer looking for to no avail. Of course the addition of the new bookshelf prompted us to rearrange the other three we already had in the dining area. (I refuse to say ‘room’ since our apartment is so tiny, but you get the drift.) This arrangement prompted the switching of a really large desk with a smaller one, and somehow I managed to get a little work space without even bringing the idea up myself. This is perfect, because it allows me to focus better than when I am at the desktop computer, which has all sorts of distractions, like games and the TV.

We also drove around to some nurseries and the like on the off chance we could find a plant for our deck – it’s quite shady, so growing vegetables seems to be an exercise in futility. We didn’t find one, but we did find some farm fresh free range eggs. The chickens were roaming around in the yard and looked fat and happy. The eggs  are huge and all shades of brown and have gloriously dark yellow yolks – this is what eggs are supposed to be like. I made some egg salad out o two of them for lunch.

The first of march marked my third year completed at my current workplace and so I decided that I would speak to my boss about a raise. I had discussed this with the Controller, who is also our H/R department and with the Sales Manager, who brought it up of her own accord. Both agreed with me that I am totally underpaid for the amount of work I do around the office. My official title is reception and Accounts Receivable (Not office assistant, as my boss thought when he talked to the Controller, who I will refer to as Sunshine, because she is Korean and adorable. Thankfully she corrected him, and showed him the job description I was given when I was hired.) However, I don’t just answer the phone and collect money – I work on database maintenance, keeping the office organized and efficient and so many other time consuming things that make the business run smoothly. We finally got some professional support for our computer system, which has been a giant relief, since the previous guy didn’t have a clue – or rather less of a clue that I did and I’m no computer tech. (How scary is it when the guy you rely on for your business tech support scratches his head an says “I’ll have to google that” when your server crashes?) So I’m not supposed to be the one who handles the “why won’t my computer turn on” shit, but I do anyway.

So Monday, I ask my boss if I can talk to him in regards to my pay. He puts me off by saying he needs to talk to Sunshine first, which is fine since she holds the purse strings. But he put my ff repeatedly until yesterday. When I finally get to talk to him, I ask him for a raise to 18/hr which I think is reasonable, since yes, it is a small company, and yes we’ve had some shitty months, but I’m not dumb enough to believe the company is losing money at the rate he says it is. I can see the numbers. It’s part of my job. He hems and haws and tells me a bunch of bullshit about how the cost of living hasn’t gone up in the last few years and how the company lost a whole bunch of money last year but that he feels I have been working really hard and deserve some compensation and instead offers me a single dollar raise rather than the three I had proposed. I knew he’d do this, so I go down a dollar on my request – this is, after all, a negotiation. I tell him why I think that the cost of living may not have changed, but that getting ahead on what I’m making is next to impossible. Finally he says he’ll give me a buck and a quarter more and stands up. As I had feared, I had lost out. This guy is notorious for pinching pennies in the most ridiculous of ways but I know how much money he takes home every month. I’m the one who deposits his cheques and he is not living from pay cheque to pay cheque. Or if he is, he’s spending far too much on stupid shit. (Mostly legal fees from suing everyone he comes across, from the look of things…)

Then he says my raise won’t start until the new fiscal year starts.

What? I was too stunned to actually argue with him, but since when does a person’s wage get calculated from fiscal year? Every other place I have ever worked has renegotiated my pay on the anniversary of my start of employment. So not only do I get under valued again, I get shafted another four months of raise, as little as it is.

On the one hand, I’m glad that meeting is over and that I got a raise at all, because it was making me anxious, but on the other, I’m feeling pretty shitty about it. I do not feel valued. This is a shame, because in spite of my bitching, I kind of like the job. I like cleaning up messes and that’s what I did when I started. The A/R was in a state of WTF the likes I have never seen before and I fixed it. I made the process efficient and simple – and I even made a step by step manual for the girl who filled in for me while I was away. (Of course she didn’t touch it – and I could tell when I got back.) Bottom line is (to use one of the office’s favourite and irritating phrases) I work my ass off and the one person who should, doesn’t seem to notice.

Fuck it. They will miss me when I am gone. This morning I redid my resume and I am looking now for work elsewhere. If nothing else I can sort out some other office for a while – this is the reason for my favourite .gif up there. I love Alan Rickman.

In writing news, I woke up in the middle of the night last night and scribbled some incoherent thing on a piece of paper, but I think I have decided to remove an entire thread from le novel. Seems that it takes away from the main story line and doesn’t do itself justice when it could be so much better as a story on it’s own, either as short story or as a novel depending on what I can squeeze out of it. Now, of course, is the challenge of removing the story line. /facedesk.

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