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omg_garfieldSo I was doing my laundry this Sunday because Sunday is laundry day. Or Saturday, or… Well whenever we can get a washer free, really. Oh the joys of apartment life and paying to fight with other people over a limited number of machines.

Anyway, I get my laundry into the washer and I set my time for three more minutes than the digital read out on the front of the washer because I know that the damn machine takes that much longer on the spin cycle. However when I enter the laundry room later to switch my dryables into the dryer someone has already put EVERYTHING into a dryer and turned it on.

Ok, on the one hand,  thanks for using your own money to help me out but NO! I have a system for my clothes. One washer for darks, one for lights. Half of each load tends to get hung to dry because my tops are mostly cotton and shrink. I’m fat and I can’t afford shrinkage. The remainder is enough for a single dryer. Easy. Obviously the laundry leprechaun didn’t know this. So I had to fish out my delicates and restart the dryer. I set my timer to come back a little early to put more time on since I have no idea what setting the leprechaun used. When I come back, all my laundry is folded in my hamper and the leprechaun has ALL the machines going; that’s two washers and two dryers. Best part? It’s still damp.

Now, am I just being anal retentive, or is it a little WEIRD that she did this? I mean, I can understand wanting to get someone else’s stuff out of your way so that you can do your own laundry, but there is a limit to what I consider polite in this situation. When someone’s laundry is done and I need the machine, I put their clothes into their basket and put that basket on top of the dryer. This seems to be common practice and totally acceptable – YOU don’t know what portions of their laundry do or do not get dried and you sure as hell don’t know whether they use dryer sheets or are deathly allergic to the overpowering scents like someone in my immediate vicinity. So why would you assume that doing someone else’s laundry is ok?

Ugh, I kind of feel like that odd little bird who left me a pissed off note at one of our old apartments because I had taken the eight pairs of lacy panties out of the washer so that I could wash my sheets. However I will not stoop to leaving horribly spelled rants taped to the top of the machine. I’m just going to have to sit with my laundry so that the laundry obsessed leprechaun doesn’t shrink all my work clothes.