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tumblr_inline_mxgm2uCrI81qhb6duThere are seldom shows on tv that get me worked up and excited for their premier – even as a die hard trekkie in my youth the season premier of the current incarnation wasn’t an event the way is has become for some recent shows. Most of the shows I love I have on dvd as soon as possible and marathon the crap out of them. You know, Heroes, Alias, Dr. Who, Castle, The Mentalist, Breaking Bad, Dark Angel. Star Trek.

But there are a few I just can’t wait for. These days it’s Game of Thrones, obviously and Orphan Black. I probably don’t have to explain my obsession with Game of Thrones – it’s so different from other series in it’s genre that it pretty much sells itself. However, that is another post.

Orphan Black is something else again.

Up until this show, Canadian TV has been relatively limited to semi-successful comedy – at least outside of Canada. You know, Trailer Park Boys, Red Green, Kids in the Hall, Rick Mercer and This Hour has 22 Minutes. Recently some very high quality shows have come out of the Canadian Film industry; Continuum, Bomb Girls and Flash Point are among my favourites. (And if you’ve never seen Street Legal, DaVinci’s Inquest, Beachcombers, Due South or Road to Avonlea, you’re missing out on some very good Canadian Television.) I’ll be nice and give you the list of Canadian TV that’s out there so you can check it out later.

Canadian television is often underrated.

Enter Orphan Black: Not only have we got some tight and excellent writing, and some brilliant camera work, but we have an excellent cast. Tatiana Maslany, who plays our lead character and her clones does an amazing job. If you don’t know the premise, it starts with Sarah seeing a woman in the train station who, when she turns around, looks exactly like her. Before Sarah can say or do anything, the woman steps in front of the train. Being short on cash, Sarah hesitates only a few moments before she scoops up the other woman’s purse and assumes her identity. Shortly thereafter she discovers that she and several other women are clones. By the time I was done the first episode I was hooked. Hubs asked me what I was watching when I was partway through and I could only wave my hand at him. He sat down next to me and neither of us said a word for the next two episodes.

Because there are only ten episodes in a season, the suspense is drawn tight from the first. Questions are answered only to raise more questions. The last episode was such a cliff hanger that I shouted at the TV screen when it was over. “Noo!” So yes, I am excited about the premier this Season. Watch the trailer and catch up as fast as you can!

(re)Watching: Orphan Black
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