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13474515So I have been doing a little trip down memory lane. My recent push to get myself to write every day has been a little more successful than previous attempts for the simple fact that I’m determined, or too stubborn to give in to the black dog, if you know what I mean. (Raaaawr!) He wins three days out of seven still, but my notebook isn’t as empty as it has been for the past… four years or so. (I apparently wrote more than I thought in 2010!) So my continual reminding myself to write even though it may be garbage is helping. One has to keep the writing muscles limber so that when the muse actually hits, everything flows. There’s more crap than anything else these days and that makes it harder to keep going, but I’m still working on it one step at a time. One. Step. At. A. Time.

Anyway, the main reason for my spelunking through my old notebooks was the fact that it’s almost NaNoWriMo season again and I have an idea for what I am going to write this year. It comes from a scene I wrote originally in 2000 and then expanded in 2007 and then had a dream about two years ago where I wrote another scene and realised it was from the same story. So today I am skimming through my notebooks looking for other bits I can include or may include and then setting to work on outlining the basic plot. I’ve discovered that I can’t outline too hard or I squash my creativity a bit and then it becomes a slog rather than an adventure. This will be the first year that I haven’t either “pantsed” it (flew by the seat of my pants, that is), or written in the frame of a current WIP. I’m hoping to have something a little more polished this year – at least more polished than the years I pantsed it. So wish me luck!

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