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Our flight from Vancouver was via Rouge, which had the unfortunate non-feature of only having entertainment via rented iPads, or an app one was supposed to have installed prior to take off. Shows me for not being prepared – but I had my book, so I spent the majority of the flight reading that. In Toronto, we stopped for some comfort food before climbing aboard our next flight, which I was pleased to note, had in-flight movies as of old. I watched Spy with Melissa McCarthy and failed miserably at the sleep thing, as usual. Our landing was smooth and unremarkable and we stumbled, rubber-legged, over to the baggage claim and waited for our bags.

20150921_101556One can forget how beautiful a place is, even when you have photos to prove it to you.

We landed in Lisbon in the early afternoon and were collected from the airport by a balding Portuguese man in a perfectly pressed white shirt, who ferried us and another couple from our flight from Toronto to our hotel. It turned out that this couple is also going to be joining the Trafalgar tour on Wednesday. Anyway, at our hotel, which was right on the Avenida da Liberdade, we were told that our rooms were not ready yet, and that we had a couple of hours to kill before we could check in. They did give us our room keys and stored our bags, so that was a relief. What was also neat was that we met, however briefly, the man who was going to be our tour director – and only because mom had had the pleasure of travelling with him before and she recognized him. He remembered her even though that was in 2010 (?) and hugged her. Very awesome.

So, thus half-prepared we wandered dazedly about the city; down the avenue20150920_131701 and were again reminded of just how beautiful Lisbon is. I did not take many pictures because my proper camera was still packed, but we went past the train station and explored some of the side streets until we could sort out our room. We took much-anticipated showers, and then rather than subject ourselves to finding a restaurant proper, we went out exploring again and ended up (*gasp*) at a MacDonald’s. We ordered something we recognized and were again pleased to note that the portions are unlike Canadian ones: much more reasonable. We headed to bed early in an attempt to properly acclimate. Tomorrow is  Monday, so things will be open for us to properly visit.