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rip_david_bowie_and_alan_rickman_by_forestina_fotos-d9nwjk6Within the space of a week, two more of my nerd icons have passed on. David Bowie, and Alan Rickman, both men of incredible talent and charisma.Both succumbed to the Cancer at the age of 69.

Bowie was a shock, I mean, there are some people in this world that you expect to live forever, and Bowie was one of them. His music was ubiquitous. He is iconic, and so when I opened my facebook on Monday morning, I literally exclaimed “on no!” I spent the rest of the day listening to all the music I could find online. I can’t help feeling like the world has lost a bright star with his passing. (Of course part of me thinks he’s not quite done with us yet:)

And then when I heard the knews about Alan Rickman on Thursday… I started to cry. I admit it. Then as I scrambled to google to see what cretin had posted such a horrible hoax so hard on the heals of Bowie’s death. But alas, I was not to be vindicated. It was true.  I’ve been a fan ever since his debut in Hollywood (Yes, Die Hard). Thank goodness for the internet or I would have missed out on some amazing performances. Rickman had a broad repertoire and I fell for every one of his characters, villain or no. That’s a powerful skill… and that voice. Oh my god that voice. Here, try not to be seduced by it. Try, I dare you:

When he was cast in Harry Potter, a series I adored I was overjoyed: even more so when I learned that he had been Rowling’s preference for the part. It was icing on the cake that already contained Maggie Smith, John Cleese and a bevy of your actors who quickly became favourites as well.

This is a sad week. Rest in Peace Gentlemen. You are missed.


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