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I don’t follow American politics too closely, but enough to know a thing or two about what’s going on and how it either works for, or against Canada. I pay attention, because I care about how this world’s going to look in the future. I care about how my friends in the south live, work and play: whether they have enough to eat, an education and a sense of stability. My American friends: I’ve said this before possibly, but I feel it’s important enough to say again considering how close your election is coming.

Please vote.I know some of you think that your vote doesn’t count; that the system is broken – and perhaps it is. But consider a few things before you dismiss my request.

1) The last few elections have seen at most just over 60% voter turnout. That means that approximately 40% of eligible voters simply did not care. What would happen if they all suddenly decided to have their say?

2) There are still places in this world where people simply do not have the right to vote. Broken system or not, should you not celebrate your democracy by participating in it? Especially because people are still shedding blood to have that right and America as been the icon of democracy since 1776.

3) They say not voting is like voting for the candidate you like the least.

I actually give a crap about who you elect for several reasons. The US is our closest neighbour, and like it or not, our lives are affected by the things that happen next door.

Honestly, I’d also feel embarrassed for you to have such a racist, misogynist, blowhard as your figurehead.

It’s so easy to blame the person at the helm of the country for all it’s hardships and hiccups, but you have to remember that they, just like everyone else, do the best they can. I think Obama has done a pretty good job considering what it is he was left with. Every gray hair on that man’s head speaks to how much he actually gave a crap about his job. I can’t honestly say you’re going to get that level of dedication from Captain Combover, can you?

So go vote, my friends. Have a say. If enough of you do so, then you will make a difference. It’s not just you, it’s 40% of you.