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omg_garfieldI have tried on numerous occasions to discover your identity, but admittedly only in a half arsed manner. Most of the emails I get seem to be automatically generated emails from your work, your medical professionals, and your son’s school. The one time I was included in a group email with your coworkers, I replied all with the message that I was included in error and after several more reiterations I was able to remove myself from that correspondence.

Today I got another email, one that looked like it was from an actual person from your son’s school regarding what he requires for September. Sadly my reply, in which I asked said person to please contact you for the correct email,  merely generated an automatic response directing me to tech support. Not even tech support can magic this one into my address being the correct one. My only recourse was to block all the misdirected emails and hope you sort it out eventually.

Problem is, I can’t stop thinking about how lucky you are it was me who got all your emails and that thankfully most required logins of some sort to access sensitive info… But what if it hadn’t been me? What if it had been someone less trustworthy or worse, someone who purposely wanted to exploit you or your son? It scares me how much information a person could get with just one misplaced email…

You will probably never know what happened with your emails, but I hope you are more careful when you give out your information next time.

This has been a bit of a PSA: Be careful when you give out your personal information!